The city of Akhenaten. Part I: Excavations of 1921 and 1922 at el-’Amarneh. Part II: The North Suburb and the Desert Altars. The excavations at Tell el Amarna during the seasons 1926-1932. Part III: The Central City and the Official Quarters. The excavations at Tell el-Amarna during the seasons 1926-1927 and 1931-1936. Vol. 1: Text. Vol. 2: Plates (complete set)

Item #M1243j

Rare complete set of 3 volumes in 4 parts. EEF - Excavation memoirs 38, 40 & 44. EES, London, 1923-51 (vol. II is the 1972 identical reprint, the rest is first edition). Small folio. Vol. I (1923): vii & 176 pages, 64 plates. Vol. II (1933, reprint 1972): ix & 122 pages, 58 plates. Vol. III (1951): Part I: xviii & 261 pages. Part II: xii & 112 pages. Original black cloth with boards. A fine set. From the library of Egyptologist Andrew H. Gordon.

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