Voyage dans la Haute et la Basse Egypte. Tome I: Texte. Tome II: Planches (complete set, FIRST EDITION)

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Rare complete set of 2 volumes in the first edition, in exceptional condition. Didot l'aîné, Paris, 1802. Elephant folio. Vol. I: vi & 265 pages, liii pages of explanation of the plates, index and list of subscriberers. Vol. II: 142 engraved plates and maps, numbered 1 to 141 (there are two bis plates: 20 bis & 54 bis, while plates 4 & 5 are on the same page). Modern red half-leather, as new. Text inside in fine condition, with only occasional toning. No markings. Dominique Vivant, Baron Denon (4 January 1747 – 27 April 1825) was a French artist, writer, diplomat, author, and archaeologist. He was appointed as the first Director of the Louvre museum by Napoleon after the Egyptian campaign of 1798–1801. While his Voyage is foremost known for its extraordinary drawings, the text, in the first person, conveys not only the military operations, but also Denont's personal feelings during the two years he spent with the French army: "Bonaparte ordered me to draw the battle (of Abukir) and I found myself glad to be able to faithfully depict the theater of his glory." (page 260). "I arrived for the third time at Etfou. Its temple appeared to me ever more magnificent. I became convinced that if the one of Tintiris has more science in its details, the one of Etfu has more majesty as a whole." (page 230). "I was about to take my leave of the hypostyle hall of Esne, the purest fragment of Egyptian architecture and, I dare say, of one of the most perfect monuments in Antiquity" (page 233) Language: French. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Travelers & Egyptologists.

Language: French.

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