Papyros Ebers. Erster Band: Einleitung und Text, Tafel I-LXIX Zweiter Band: Glossar und Text, Tafel LXX-CX (complete set)

Item #M0486

THE FULL BOOK IS PRESENTED HERE IN PICTURES, COURTESY OF ALFRED J. MARTIN. Extremely rare set of 2 volumes, probably only a hundred copies exist worldwide. Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig, 1875. First edition. Folio. Band I: viii & 37 pages, 67 plates numbered I to XXVII and XXX to LXIX (plates XXVIII and XXIX were not published). Band II: viii & 63 pages, 41 plates (numbered LXX to CX). Original bordeaux half-leather with boards. Pencil signature of Abbas Bayoumi. Language: German. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Middle Kingdom, Language, Texts & Writing, Medicine.

Language: German.

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