Item #M1273a Dendereh. 1898. PETRIE William M. Flinders.[newline]M1273a.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-01.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-02.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-03.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-04.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-05.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-06.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-07.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-08.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-09.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-10.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-11.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-12.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-13.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-14.jpeg
Dendereh. 1898.[newline]M1273a-15.jpeg

Dendereh. 1898.

Item #M1273a

With chapters by F.Ll. Griffith, Dr Gladstone and Olfield Thomas. EEF - Excavation memoirs 17. EEF - Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co - Bernard Quaritch, London, 1900. First edition. Small folio, frontispiece, vii & 74 pages, 37 plates. Black buckram with boards, browned and very rubbed, inside in fine condition. A good copy. Language: English. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Egypt: Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns.

Language: English.

Price: € 70.00  other currencies


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