Item #M1486c Die Texte der Metternichstele. SANDER-HANSEN Constantin E.[newline]M1486c.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-01.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-02.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-03.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-04.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-05.jpg
Die Texte der Metternichstele[newline]M1486c-06.jpg

Die Texte der Metternichstele

Series: AnAeg 07

Item #M1486c

Rare. Analecta Aegyptiaca 7. Ejnar Munksgaard, Kopenhavn, 1956. First edition. Folio, 76 pages. Original softcover, slightly chipped, inside as new, uncut. From the library of Egyptologist John Gwyn Griffiths. Language: German. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Egypt: 3rd IP, Language, Texts & Writing, Religion & Magic.

Language: German.

Price: € 170.00  other currencies


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