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Paléorient, 32.1 (2006)

Item #M5440

Revue pluridisciplinaire de préhistoire et protohistoire de l'Asie du Sud-Ouest et de l'Asie centrale. CNRS, Paris, 2006. In-4, 166 pages. Original softcover. Condition: new. Contents: LIAGRE J., GASPARYAN B., OLLIVIER V., NAHAPETYAN S., Angeghakot 1 (Armenia) and the identification of the Mousterian cultural facies of Yerevan points JJ type in the Southern Caucasus. - OLSZEWSKI D.I., Issues in the Levantine Epipaleolithic : The Madamaghan, Nebekian and Qalkhan (Levant Epipaleolithic). - KUIJT I. and GOODALE N.B., Chronological Fameworks and Disparate Technology: an Exploration of Chipped Stone Variability and the Forager to Farmer Transition at 'Iraq ed-Dubb, Jordan. - TSUNEKI A., ARIMURA M., MAEDA O., TANNO K., ANEZAKI T. The Early PPNB in The North Levant: A New Perspective from Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria. - RUSSELL N., DURING B.S., Worthy is the Lamb: a Double Burial at Neolithic Catalhöyük (Turkey). - CROPPER D., Chipped Stone Polyhedrons from Late Neolithic Umm Meshrat I, Jordan. - PERROT J. , MADJIDZADEH Y., A travers l'ornementation des vases et objets en chlorite de Jiroft. - AL-MAQDISSI M., BRAEMER F., Labwe (Syrie): une ville du Bronze ancien du Levant Sud. - NICOLLE C., AL-MAQDISSI M., Sharaya: un village du Bronze ancien la en Syrie du sud. - Colloque et recensions. Language: French. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Levant, Mesopotamia, Anatolia.

Language: French.

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