Voyage pittoresque en Sicile, 2 volumes (complete set)

Item #M6964

Very rare first edition, complete set in 2 volumes. Jules Didot, Paris, 1822-1826. Folio, 660 x 500 mm. Contemporary binding half vellum and marbled hardcover with corners, titles and ornaments within label in red Moroccan to the back. A total of 2 title-pages, 2 geographical maps and 92 aquatint plates engraved by Franz Hegi, Theodore Henry Fielding, Newton Fielding and others after Forbin, Huber, Vauzelle, Lesamt, Bonington, Copley, Renoux and others. Nice specimen with wide margins, rare foxing on edges not affecting text nor plates, altogether an excellent set in fine condition. Rare complete work with 92 evocative views of Sicily's engraved in aquatint both landscape and monumental, depicting Palermo (12 plates), Monreale (2), Segesta (4), Agrigento (16), Siracusa (16), Catania (5), Taormina (4), Messina (5), and several other cities, as well as temples, ruins and views of Mount Etna. As d'Ostervald notes in the notice, "j'ai attiré successivement à Paris une douzaine de graveurs d'aquatint les plus habiles de l'Angleterre et de la Suisse". Only 500 copies of this work have been printed, some colored, others on Indian paper, but few have survived. Abbey Travel 262; Brunet V, 1379; Graesse VI, 400; Moncada Lo Giudice 959. Language: French. Relevant subjects: Rome, Greece & Aegean.

Language: French.

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