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Excerpta hieroglyphica

Item #M7210

Extremely rare. Cairo, 1825-1829. First edition. Oblong folio. Half-title + div. title + Plates I*, II, I, VIII, XIII (5 of 18) + div. title + Plates XVIII-XXXI + div. title + Plates XXXII-XLII + div. title + Plates XLIII-LXI, 7 folding plates, square piece cut from centre of plate 48, internally in reasonable condition. Bound in a beautiful modern brown half-leather with cloth boards, as new. James Burton jr. (1788-1862) published this work with the help of Joseph Bonomi and an unidentified C.H. The work was published without letterpress, Burton intending to publish further text to aid the decipherment of hieroglyphics. An accurate collation of this work does not appear to exist. In this copy, there is a I* plate and the work ends with plate LXI, hence there could be a total of 62 plates. We have a total of 49 plates and the half-title and 4 divisional titles. The last three sections are complete. Many of the plates have scholarly annotations enabling the cartouches and plates to be further identified. The date of publication also appears to vary with different copies. This copy has plates dated from 1825-1829. All copies of this work are very rare and it appears that few copies were ever published. From the library of Egyptologist Andrew H. Gordon. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Language, Texts & Writing.

Language: English.

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