Item #M9081 The complete Abusir series: 26 titles in 27 volumes. VERNER Miroslav et alii.[newline]M9081-00.jpeg

The complete Abusir series: 26 titles in 27 volumes.

Item #M9081

Very rare complete set of 26 titles in 27 volumes. Abusir 1-20 & 22-26 & 28 (all published: Abusir 21 and 27 have not yet been published). Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 1977-2021. First edition. Most volumes in their original hardcover, some in their original softcover, all in excellent to new condition. Volumes are: Abusir I: The mastaba of Ptahshepses. Reliefs. Abusir II: Baugraffiti der Ptahschepses Mastaba. Abusir III: The pyramid complex of Khentkaus. Abusir IV: The shaft tomb of Udjahorresnet at Abusir. Abusir V: The cemeteries at Abusir South I. Abusir VI: Djedkare's family cemetery. Abusir VII: Greek imports in Egypt. Graeco-Egyptian relations during the first millenium B.C. Abusir VIII: Die Relieffragmente aus der Mastaba des Ptahshepses in Abusir. Abusir IX: The pyramid complex of Raneferef. The archaeology. Abusir X: The pyramid complex of Raneferef. The papyrus archive. Abusir XI: The architecture of the mastaba of Ptahshepses. Abusir XII: Minor tombs in the royal necropolis. The mastabas of Nebtyemneferes and Nakhtsare, Pyramid complex Lepsius no. 24 and Tomb complex Lepsius no 25. Abusir XIII: Tomb complex of the vizir Qar, his sons Qar Junior and Senedjemib, and Iykai. Abusir XIV: Faience inlays from the funerary temple of King Raneferef. Abusir XV: Stone vessels from the mortuary complex of Raneferef at Abusir. Abusir XVI: Sahure - The pyramid causeway. History and decoration program in the Old Kingdom. Abusir XVII: The shaft tomb of Iufaa. Vol I: Archaeology. Abusir XVIII: The royal necropolis in Abusir. Abusir XIX: Tomb of Hetepi (AS 20), Tombs AS 33-35 and AS 50-53. Abusir XX: Lesser Late Period tombs at Abusir. The tomb of Padihor and the anonymous tomb R3. Abusir XXII: The Tomb of Kaiemtjenenet (AS 38) and the Surrounding Structures (AS 57-60). Abusir XXIII: The Tomb of the Sun Priest Neferinpu (AS 37). Abusir XXIV: Mastaba of Werkaure I: Tombs AC 26 and AC 32 - Old Kingdom Strata. Abusir XXV: The Shaft Tomb of Menekhibnekau, Vol. I: Archaeology. Abusir XXVI: The Funerary Domains in the Pyramid Complex of Sahura: An Aspect of the Economy in the Late Third Millenium BCE. Abusir XXVIII: The Statues of Raneferef and the Royal Sculpture of the Fifth Dynasty. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Old Kingdom, 3rd IP, Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns.

Language: English.

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