Looking for an accurate or artistic rendering of an Egyptian object, monument or landscape? Or a representation of a loved one?

(The White Chapel of Sesostris I at Karnak, ink drawing by Jiri Kucera)

As all lovers of Egypt know since the times of Vivant Denon, David Roberts, Howard Carter or Nina de Garis Davies, to cite just a few, an artist is the Egyptologist’s indispensable companion.

If you fancy an ink drawing with hatching (in pdf or vector format) or an aquarell on paper for your incoming publication, or an oil painting on canvas as a gift or a decoration for your home, Meretseger Books would like to introduce Czech artist Jiri Kucera, whose skills we greatly admire.
Jiri is a painter and graphic artist, who studied at the Drawing Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His artistic skills encompass drawing/painting of portraits, objects and landscapes, as well as glass design.

You can see more about his work on: www.cavecanem.cz

and contact him at caveinfo@seznam.cz

Indicative prices for ink drawings range from 25€ to 90€ - US$30 to $100.


(Self-portrait, oil painting by artist Jiri Kucera)


 (Small Ancient Egyptian objects, ink drawings by Jiri Kucera)


(The temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, ink drawing by Jiri Kucera)(Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and Akhenaten, ink drawings by Jiri Kucera)


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