About Us

There is something special about Egyptology… Over the last 200 years, thousands of books have allowed scholars and amateurs alike to study and dream: architects, linguists, historians, doctors, geologists, theologians, art historians have all contributed a wealth of literature unparalleled in other disciplines.

Meretseger Books started as the sale of my private library, built up over 25 years. It is now the world's largest offering in Egyptology and also has sizable sections on the Near East, Greece, Rome and North Africa. There are over 3000 titles listed, from the very rare book to the useful paperback.

As an Egyptologist and long-time book collector, I offer my assistance to help you build your library and navigate through the subject. I can also help with bookbinding services for those items which have been damaged over time.

My private collection of over 10,000 digital pictures of all the sites of Egypt is also at your disposal, free of charge, and you can freely use them in your publications by just mentioning my copyright. Click here or just send an email indicating what you are looking for and I’ll be glad to assist.


François Olivier
Meretseger Books