Item #M0161d The temple of Dendur. BLACKMAN Aylward Manley.[newline]M0161d.jpg
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The temple of Dendur

Series: TiNub

Item #M0161d

Rare. Temples immergés de la Nubie, SAE, Le Caire, 1911. First edition. Folio, 114 pages, 120 plates. This is a working copy owned by Henry G. Fischer, who was largely responsible for the transfer and installation of the monument to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. No covers and now in heavy cardboard as loose protection. Inserted: Supplement to Blackman’s Dendour Index, and Erich Winter, “The Temple of Dendur and its religious significance” Language: English. (DPE) Relevant subjects: Egypt: Greco-Roman, Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns.

Language: English.

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