Late Egyptian miscellanies. CAMINOS Ricardo Augusto.[newline]M0295c.jpg
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Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-02.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-03.jpg
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Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-05.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-06.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-07.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-08.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-09.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-10.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-11.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-12.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-13.jpg
Late Egyptian miscellanies[newline]M0295c-14.jpg

Late Egyptian miscellanies

Item #M0295c

Very rare. Oxford University Press, London, 1954. First edition. xvi & 611 pages. Original blue cloth. Some stains on the spine and cover, light foxing on first blank page, inside in excellent condition. A near fine copy. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: New Kingdom, Language, Texts & Writing.

Language: English.

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