Robb de Peyster Tytus series, complete set of 5 volumes. Vol. I: The tomb of Nakht. Vol. II: The tomb of Puyemre. Part I: The hall of memories. Vol. III: The tomb of Puyemre. Part II: The chapels of hope. Vol. IV: The tomb of the two sculptors at Thebes. Vol. V: Two ramesside tombs at Thebes (complete set)

Item #M0423c

Extremely rare set, only 500 copies were printed. Metropolitan Museum of Art - Robb de Peyster Tytus memorial series 01-05. First edition. MMA, New York, 1917-1927. Vol. I (1917): xxv & 79 pages, 30 plates. Vol. II & III (1922-3): xxii & xii + 109 & 99 pages, 43 & 36 plates. Vol. IV (1925): xii & 76 pages, 31 plates. Vol. V (1927): xix & 86 pages, 42 plates. All 5 volumes in their original half-leather. The leather is worn/burnt in places, especially on volume V, due to the acidity of the glue used at that time, but the binding is sound. Inside in perfect condition, no markings. Printed on a beautiful Van Gelder paper. The luxury publication of four important tombs of the Theban necropolis, one of the most beautiful works of Egyptology. A near-fine set. From the library of Egyptologist Andrew H. Gordon. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: New Kingdom, Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns.

Language: English.

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