Les momies royales de Deir el-Bahari

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Extremely rare. Mémoires publiés par les membres de la Mission Archéologique Française au Caire 1/4. Ernest Leroux, Paris, 1889. First edition. Folio, pages 511-789 pages, 27 plates. Contemporary hardcover with sticker in lieu of title. A unique copy from the library of Egyptologist Jürgen von Beckerath with this stamp on the first page and with his copious, valuable notes. Hinges are sometimes cracked, but the binding is holding well. Some pages have tears, crudely repaired with light tape. A good copy of this extraordinary account of the discovery in 1871 of the cachette of royal mummies in Deir el-Bahari with a full description of the mummies and an analysis of their genealogy. The first lines read like a novel: "During the summer of 1871, an Arab from Gournah, looking for antiquities, discovered a tom full of coffins stacked disorderly one upon the other. Most had cartouches and a ureaus on their forehead. Excavators in Thebes have known for a long time that these are the marks of royalty: our Arab knew his business too well not to understand that fortune had delivered to him a subterranean gallery full of Pharaohs. Never had the like been seen in human memory..." Language: French. Relevant subjects: Egypt: New Kingdom, 3rd IP, Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns, Religion & Magic.

Language: French.

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