Rapports relatifs à la consolidation des temples. 1e, 2e, 3e & 4e livraison (complete set)

Series: TiNub

Item #M2213

Rare complete set of 4 volumes. Temples immergés de la Nubie. SAE, Le Caire, 1909-1911. First edition. Folio. Vol. I: pages xxiii & 1-63, plates I-LIII. Vol. II: pages 64-96, plates LIV-LVI and LVIII-XCVIII. Vol. III: pages 97-168, plates A-G (plate G in b/w), LVII and XCIX-CLXIX. Vol. IV: pages 169-217 + 8 pages numbered 1 to 8 + plates G (in color), H & I. Original beige softcover, a fine set. Language: French. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns.

Language: French.

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