Rapports préliminaires. Tome VIII. 1e partie: Médamoud (1930). Les fouilles. 2e partie: Médamoud (1930). Fasc. 1: La verrerie alexandrine de Médamoud (Haute Egypte). Fasc. 2: Les graffiti du temple de Medamoud (Haute Egypte)

Item #M3003a

Rare. Fouilles de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale 08/1 & 08/2 bound in one volume. IFAO, Le Caire, 1931. First edition. Folio, 98 pages, 12 plates + 80 pages, 25 plates. Green cloth. The binding is as new, the book inside has suffered from damp damage, affecting mostly the lower edges of fascicle 2. A good copy. Language: French. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, 3rd IP, Greco-Roman, Pyramids, Tombs, Temples & Towns, Sculpture, Painting, Music & Art.

Language: French.

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