Item #M4463a Das Nymphaeum von Milet. HULSEN Julius.[newline]M4463a.jpg
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Das Nymphaeum von Milet[newline]M4463a-02.jpg
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Das Nymphaeum von Milet

Item #M4463a

Very rare. Verlag von Georg Reimer, Berlin, 1919. First edition. Large folio, 63 plates. Cloth with boards. This is the fifth volume of the series "Milet: Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen und Untersuchungen seit dem Jahre 1899," edited by Theodor Wiegand. Bound in printed paper-covered boards, with a black cloth backstrip and black cloth corners. The exterior is worn and slightly stained. This work consists of three preliminary pages of text (title page a bit chipped), followed by 63 photographic and diagrammatic plates, loose as issued. The final plate is a full-color illustration of the temple structure as it was when in use. The plates are intact. A fine copy. Language: German. Relevant subjects: Greece & Aegean.

Language: German.

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