The Rhind mathematical papyrus, British Museum 10057 and 10058. Photographic facsimile, hieroglyphic transcription, transliteration, literal translation, free translation, mathematical commentary, and bibliography. 2 volumes (complete set)

Series: CME 8

Item #M5086

Very rare complete set of 2 volumes. Classics in Mathematics Education 8. Mathematical Association of America, Oberlin, Ohio, 1927-29. First edition. Folio, 109 plates. Original hardcover, dusty, inside in fine condition. Contents: I. Free translation and commentary, by A.B. Chace, with the assistance of H.P. Manning. Bibliography of Egyptian mathematics, by R.C. Archibald (p. [121]-206) -- II. Photographs, transcription, transliteration, literal translation, by A.B. Chace, L. Bull, H.P. Manning. Bibliography of Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics (supplement) by R.C. Archibald ([12] p. following the plates). The mathematical leather roll in the British Museum, by S.R.K. Glanville. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Middle Kingdom, Language, Texts & Writing, Mathematics.

Language: English.

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