Item #M5204 Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 10. 1996. AAE - Journal - Single issue.[newline]M5204.jpg

Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 10. 1996.

Item #M5204

BAI, Bloomfield Hills, 1998. In-4, viii & 292 pages. Original grey cloth, in excellent condition. Contents: I. Steblin-Kamenskii and R. N. Frye, Vladimir Aronovich Livshits. - Bibliography of Vladimir Aronovich Livshits. - I.M. Diakonoff, Pre-median indo-iranian tribes in northern Iran ? - R. Schmitt, Epigraphisch-exegetische Probleme der altpersischen Texte "DNb" und XP1": Teil 1. - m. Fuller and A.D.H. Bivar, Parthian ostraca from the syrian jazira. - A. Invernizzi, Old Nisa and the art of the steppes. - [...]. - V.G. Shkoda, The sogdian temple : structure and rituals. - B.I. Marshak, The tiger, raised from the dead : two murals from Panjikent. - B. Staviskii and T. Mkrtychev, Qara-Tepe in old Termez : on the history of the monument. - R. Salomon, Five Kharosthi inscriptions. - H. Humbach, Pangul, a turco-bactrian ruler. Language: English. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, Journals Near East.

Language: English.

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