Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 15. 2001. AAE - Journal - Single issue.[newline]M5207.jpg

Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 15. 2001.

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BAI, Bloomfield Hills, 2005. In-4, vi & 216 pages. Original grey cloth, in excellent condition. Contents: P.O. Skjaercvo, An account tablet from eight-century Khotan. - N. Sims-Williams, Bactrian legal documents from 7th- and 8th-century Guzgan. - E. Jacobson-Tepfer, Cultural riddles : stylized deer and deer stones of the mongolian Altai. - D. Frendo, Constantine's letter to Shapur II, its authenticity, occasion and attendant circumstances. - D. Akbarzadeh, T. Daryaee and J.A. Lerner, Two recently discovered inscribed sasanian silver bowls. - A. S. Melikian-Chirvani, The red stones of light in iranian culture. I. Spinels. - R. Mann, Parthian and hellenistic influences on the development of Skanda's cult in north India : evidence from Kusana-Era Art and coins. - M.Shokoodhy and N. H. Shokoodhy, The Chatri in indian architecture : persian wooden canopies materialised in stone. - Shorter notices. - Review article. - Reviews. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, Journals Near East.

Language: English.

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