Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 18. 2004. AAE - Journal - Single issue.[newline]M5209.jpg

Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 18. 2004.

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BAI, Bloomfield Hills, 2008. In-4, v & 200 pages. Original grey cloth, in excellent condition. Contents: P. Pal, Prologemena to the study of a portable buddhist shrine. - N.H. Shokooy, Waterworks of medieval Bayana, Rasjasthan. - R. Salomon, An arapacana abecedary from Kara Tepe (Termez, Uzbekistan). - N. Sims-Williams, The bactrian inscription of Rabatak : a new reading. - F. Kidd, M.N. Cleary, V.N. Yagodin, A. Betts and E. Baker Brite, Ancient chorasmian mural art. - D. Frendo, Agathias's view of the intellectual attainments of Khusrau I : A reconsideration of the evidence. - M.R. Shayegan, On the rationale behind the roman wars of Sabuhr II the great. - D. Weber, Miniscula Pahlavica (Pahlavi notes). - Shorter notices. - Review article. - Reviews. Language: English. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, Journals Near East.

Language: English.

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