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Bulletin of the Asia Institute. New series/volume 21. 2007

Item #M5211

BAI, Bloomfield Hills, 2007. In-4, 214 pages. Original grey cloth, in excellent condition. Contents: P. Riboud, Bird-priests in Ceentral Asian Tombs of 6th century China and their significance in the funerary realm. - P. Pal, Evidence of jainism in Afghanistan and Kashmir in ancient times. - A. Patel, Architectural cultures and empire : The Ghurids in Northern India (ca. 1192-1210). - M. Shokoohy, The zoroastrian towers of silence in the ex-portuguese colony of Diu. - D. Frendo, Dangerous ideas : Julian's persian campaign, its historical background, motivation and objectives.é M. R. Shayegan, Prosopographical notes : The iranian nobility during and after the macedonian conquest. - E. de la Vaissière, A note on the Schoyen Copper Scroll : bactrian or indian ? - H. Falk, Ancient indian Eras : an overview. - D. T. Potts, Introduction to "Persia beyond the Oxus". Catapharctus and Kamandar : some thoughts on the dynamic evolution of heavy cavalry and mounted archers in Iran and Central Asia. - F. Grenet; with S. Azarnoush, Wher are the Sogdian magi- ? - R. Salomon, Gandhari in the world of India, Iran and Central Asia. - N. Sims-Williams, Some bactrian terms for realia. - Reviews. - Books received. Language: English. This book ships from Europe, shipping costs will be updated accordingly (BPF). Relevant subjects: Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, Journals Near East.

Language: English.

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