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Libya in history. Historical conference.

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Rare. University of Libya, Faculty of Arts, 16-23 march 1968. Benghazi, 1968. Thick in-4, xviii & 396 & 352 & 9 pages, many maps, plans and photographs. Original cloth, some ink notes, a near-fine copy. Text half in English and half in Arabic. Contents: C. B. M. McBurney, Lybia's place in Pre-History. - Tahar Baqir, Libyan cultural relationships in Pre-History. - Fabrizio Mori, Prehistoric rock-paintings in Fezzan. - F. F. Gadallah, Problems of Pre-Herodotan sources in Libyan history. - M. M. Bazama, Mutual cultural exchanges between Libya, Egypt and Greece. - F. Chamoux, Des fragments de l'ordonnance d'Anastase. The epigraph of Eupolemos. - I. Noshy, Arkesilaus III. - J. Boardman, Reflexions on the greek pottery trade with Tocra. - A. al-Sa'Dawiya, The greek settlement in Cyrenaica, with notes on pottery discovered there. - J. B. Perkins, Pre-roman elements in the architecture of roman Tripolitania. - M. 'Abd-al-'Alim, Libyans and Greeks in ptolemaic papyri. - Lady Olwen Brogan, First and second century settlement in the tripolitanian pre-desert. - P. Romanelli, Tripolitania in the setting of nrth-african archaeology. - M. F. Squarciapino, Reflexions of the sculptures of Leptis Magna. - R. Goodchild, Roman roads of Libya and their milestones. - A. D. Vita, The emporia of Tripolitania. The mausolea of Sabratha. - J. Reynolds, Inscriptions of roman cyrenaica. - S. Stucchi, Outline of the history of cyrenaican architecture in greek period. - Outline of the history of cyrenaican architecture in roman period. - M. Abu-Hamid, The Phoenicians in Tripolitania. - R. Qadida, Libya in severan times. - L. A. Thompson, Roman and native in the tripolitanian cities in the early empire. - L. P. Kirwan, Roman expeditions to the upper Nile and Chard-Darfur region. - C. M. Daniels, The garamantes of Fezzan. - M. S. Ayoub, The rise of Germa : 100-450 A.D. - The campain of Cornilius Balbus. - A. H. M. Jones, Frontier defence in byzantine Libya. - D. J. Smith, The centenaria of Tripolitania and their antecedents. - N. A. Ziadeh, Libya from Leo-Africanus to al-Tamaghrouti. - A. Hamdani, Some aspects of the history of Libya during the Fatimid period. - P. Vella, The relations between the Order of Malta and Tripoli. - M. A. She'Irah, The libyan coastal ribats. - A. A. Tolaimat, The people of Libya according to Ya'qubi. - Awad Sadawya, Condition of Libya as described by Haj Abu Salim el-'Aiashi. - M. A. Baiou, Some aspects of libyan history in the 19th century. - O. Ismail, Conditions that led Ali al-Jazairli to occupy Tripoli. - Sir Duncan Cumming, Libya in the first world war. - G. Z. Qazim, The role of Egypt in the libyan-italian war. Language: English. Relevant subjects: North Africa.

Language: English.

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