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Moshé Stekelis memorial volume. Eretz Israel.[newline]M5509-01.jpg
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Moshé Stekelis memorial volume. Eretz Israel.

Item #M5509

The Israel exploration society, Jerusalem, 1977. In-4, xii & 294 pages, 32 plates, 128 pages of text in Hebrew. Original hardcover with dust-jacket, a fine copy. This is volume 13 of: Eretz-Israel, archaeological, historical and geographical studies. NON-HEBREW SECTION : Preface. - Ofer Bar-Yosef, Moshé Stekelis - In Memoriam. - William R. Farrand, Palaeo-Environment of Pleistocene Man in the Levant. - Aharon Horowitz, The Pleistocene stratigraphy of the Jordan Valley. - J. Desmond Clark, Bone Tools of the Earlier Pleistocene. - David Gilead, Some Metrical Studies of Acheulian Assemblages in Israel. - François Bordes: Que sont le Pré-Aurignacien et le Iabroudien? - David Gilead and Avraham Ronen: Acheulian Industries from Evron on the Western Galilee Coastal Plain. - Arthur J. Jelinek : A Preliminary Study of Flakes from the Tabun Cave, Mount Carmel. - Tamar Schick and Moshé Stekelis: Mousterian Assemblages in Kebara Cave, Mount Carmel. - Simon Davis : The Ungulate Remains from Kebara Cave. - Patricia Smith and Baruch Arensburg: A Mousterian Skeleton from Kebara Cave. - Bernard Vandermeersch et Anne-Marie Tillier: Ätude préliminaire d'une mandibule d'adolescent provenant des niveaux moustériens de Qafzeh, Israël. - Avraham Ronen : Mousterian Sites in Red Loam in the Coastal Plain of Mount Carmel. - Anthony E. Marks and C. Reid Ferring: Upper Palaeolithic Occupation Near Avdat, Central Negev, Israel. - Baruch Arensburg, New Upper Palaeolithic Human Remains from Israel. - Anthony E. Marks: The Epipalaeolithic of the Central Negev. - Don O. Henry : An Examination of the Artifactual Variability in the Natufian of Palestine. - Denise Ferembach : Les Natoufiens de Palestine. - Monique Lechevallier : Les débuts de l'architecture domestique en Palestine. - Ernst E. Wreschner :Newe Yam - A Submerged Late-Neolithic Settlement Near Mount Carmel. - Moshé W. Prausnitz : The Pottery at Newe Yam. - Ernst E. Wreschner : Sea Level Changes and Settlement Location in the Coastal Plain of Israel During the Holocene. - Jean Perrot : Remarques sur la préhistoire récente d'Eretz-Israël . English Summaries of the Hebrew Section .HEBREW SECTION (texts in Hebrew): Preface. O. Bar-Yosef: Prof. Moshé Stekelis - In Memoriam. - E. Rosenbacher : Bibliography of the Writings of Moshé Stekelis. - O. Bar-Yosef : Fifty Years of Prehistoric Investigations in Eretz-Israel. - T. Noy: Neolithic Sites in the Western Coastal Plain. - Y. Olami, F. Burian and E. Friedman: Giv`at Ha-Parsa - A Neolithic Site in the Coastal Region. - R. Amiran: Pottery from the Chalcolithic Site Near Tell Delhamiya and Some Notes on the Character of the Chalcolithic-Early Bronze I Transition. - J. Kaplan : Neolithic and Chalcolithic Remains at Lod. - N. Tsori: Bet She'an in the Chalcolithic Period. - A. Ben-Tor: An Early Bronze Age Cylinder-Seal from Gezer. - R. Gophna : Fortified Settlements from the Early Bronze and Middle Bronze II at Tel Poran. - Y. Yadin: The Nature of Settlement in the Middle Bronze HA and the Problem of the Apheq Fortifications. - Y. Aharoni: Tel Haror. - N. Avigad: New Moabite and Ammonite Seals at the Israel Museum. - Hebrew Summaries of the Non-Hebrew Section. Language: English. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Levant.

Language: English.

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