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Ramesside Studies in Honour of K. A. Kitchen

Item #M7397

Rare. Rutherford Press, Bolton, 2011. First edition. Large in-4, vii & 571 pages. Original cloth, faint scuff to glossy cover, otherwise as new. Contents: Preface - John Baines and Elizabeth Frood: Piety, Change and Display in the New Kingdom - Morris Bierbrier: Bye-bye Bay - Manfred Bietak and Irene Forstner-Müller: The Topography of New Kingdom Avaris and Per-Ramesses - Peter J. Brand: The dates of the War-Scenes at Karnak and the History of the Late Nineteenth Dynasty - Francis Breyer: Hethitisches im Grab des Tutanchamun - Debora Cilly: Delivery Ostraca Discovered Adjacent to KV47 - Mark Collier: More on Late Nineteenth Dynasty Ostraca Dates and Remarks on Paneb - Gina Criszenzo-Laycock: A New Ramesside Stela from Deir el-Medina - John Coleman Darnell: A Stela of Seti I from the Region of Kurkur Oasis - Aidan Dodson: Fade to Grey: The Chancellor Bay, Eminence Grise of the Late Nineteenth Dynasty - Andreas Dorn: The Provenance and Context of the Accession-Ostracon of Ramesses VI - Roland Enmarch: The Dialogue of Ipuwer and the Lord of All in the Ramesside Period and Beyond - Christopher Eyre: Children and Literature in Pharaonic Egypt - Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert: Samanu on the Nile. The Transfer of a Near-Eastern Demon and Magico-Medical Concept into New-Kingdom Egypt - Said Gohary: A Chief Overseer of the Royal Harim at Memphis - James Hoffmeier: The Gate of the Ramesside Fort at Tell el-Borg, North Sinai - Colin A. Hope and Olaf E. Kaper: Egyptian Interest in the Oases in the New Kingdom and a New Stela for Seth from Mut el-Kharab - Jac. Janssen - Three Mysterious Ostraca - Panagioris Kousoulis: Rhodes before the Saïte Kings: Egyptian Relations with Rhodes and the Dodecanese during the Ramesside Period - Christian Leblanc: Ousermaâtrê Setepenrê "Soleil-des-Princes": à propos de l'étude d'un apprenti-sculpteur ramesside - Claire Malleson: A Fragment of a Stela dedicated to Herishef - Alan Millard: Ramesses Was Here... And Others, Too! - Marcus Müller: Die Karriere des Prinzen Meriatum - Matthias Müller: Wandbild, Text- und Artefaktbefund: Ein Terminus der Sargherstellung - Maged Negm: Some Unusual Scenes from the Tomb of Simut, called Kyky (TT409) - Boyo Ockinga: A Royal Ritual Text in TT 233 - David O'Connor: Satire or Parody? The Interaction of the Pictorial and the Literary in Turin Papyrus 55001 - Alex Peden: The Community of Workmen at Deir el-Medina in the Ramesside Period: An Overview of Rank and Roles - Stephan Polis: Le serment du P. Turin 1880, v° 2, 8-19: Une relecture de la construction iw bn sdm.f à portée historique - Campbell Price: Ramesses, 'King of Kings': On the Context and Interpretation of Royal Colossi - Joachim Quack: Beiträge zu(r) einigen religiösen und magischen Texte - Donald Redford: Merenptah at Mendes - Ute Rummel: Two Re-Used Blocks of the God's Wife Isis at Deir el-Bakhit/Dra' Abu el-Naga (Western Thebes) - Hassan el-Saady: Egypt in Nubia during the Reign of Seti I - Ashraf Sadek: Quelques réflexions sur la "fuite en Egypte" des divinités asiatiques à l'époque ramesside - Thomas Schneider: Conjectures about Amenmesse: Historical, Biographical, Chronological - Ian Shaw: Seeking the Ramesside Royal Harem: New Fieldwork at Medinet el-Gurob - Steven Snape: Khaemwese and the Present Past: History and the Individual in Ramesside Egypt - Anthony Spalinger: Re-Reading Egyptian Military Reliefs - Neal Spencer: Ramesside rodomontade on the Western Delta Frontier - Deborah Sweeney: The Shield of Divine Protection - Kasia Szpakowska: Dream Interpretation in the Ramesside Age - Susanna Thomas: Chariots, Cobras and Canaanites: A Ramesside Miscellany from Tell Abqa'in - Penelope Wilson: Ramsîs: Ancient Memory, Archaeology and the Western Delta - Jean Winand: The Report of Wenamun: A Journey in Ancient Egyptian Literature - Georgia Xekalaki and Reem el-Khodary: Aspects of the Cultic Role of Queen Nefertari and the Royal Children during the Reign of Ramesses II. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Festschriften and Proceedings.

Language: English.

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