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Egyptian obelisks

Item #M0677

Rare. Published by the author, New York, 1882. First edition. Folio, x & 187 pages, 51 plates. Original bordeaux buckram. Some light water stains on quite a few pages. From the library of SW Allen (Samuel Webster Allen, bishop of Shrewsbury) with his signature. Contains: Removal of the Alexandrian Obelisk "Cleopatra's Needle", to New-York - The Archaeology of the New York Obelisk - Removal of the Luxor Obelisk to Paris - Removal of the Fallen Obelisk to Alexandria to London - Re-erection of the Vatican Obelisk - record of all Egyptian Obelisks - Notes on the Ancien Methods of Quarrying, Transporting, and Erecting Obelisks - Analysis of the Materials and Metals Found with the Obelisk at Alexandria. Language: English. Relevant subjects: Egypt: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, 3rd IP, Greco-Roman, Sculpture, Painting, Music & Art.

Language: English.

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