Item #M5806 Roman shipping and trade: Britain and the Rhine provinces. DU PLAT TAYLOR Joan - CLEERE Henry.[newline]M5806.jpg

Roman shipping and trade: Britain and the Rhine provinces

Item #M5806

Research Report nr 24. The Council for British Archaeology, London, 1978. In-4, viii & 86 pages. Original softcover, in very good condition. Contents: Shipping on the Rhine during the Roman period: the pictorial evidence Detlev Ellmers - Ships of the Roman period at Zwammerdam/Nigrum Pullum, Germania Inferior MD de Weerd - Roman boats from a small river harbour at Pommeroeul, Belgium. Guy De Boe - Gallo- Roman boat finds in Switzerland. Beat Arnold - Roman harbours in Britain south of Hadrian's Wall. Henry Cleere - Britain and the Rhine provinces: epigraphic evidence for Roman trade Mark Hassall - The Rhine and the problem of Gaulish wine in Roman Britain DP S Peacock - Roman trade between Britain and the Rhine provinces: the évidence of pottery to c AD 250 Kevin Greene - The interprétation of Britain's late Roman trade: the scope of medieval historical and archaeological analogy. Michael Fulford - Trade in glass Jennifer Price - Cross-Channel trade and the textile industry John Peter Wild. Language: English. THIS BOOK SHIPS FROM EUROPE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE UPDATED ACCORDINGLY (BPF). Relevant subjects: Rome.

Language: English.

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